Organic - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Organically generating traffic to your website is by far the best long term marketing solution for any business looking to expand and grow online. While this takes a lot of hard work, expertise and knowledge about Google to achieve, the benefits can be exponential and extend far into the future. At PageTraffic360, we offer a number of SEO solutions, each tailored to fit the unique needs of individual businesses, and to best appeal to the relevant marketplace. We don't throw you in the deep end, but analyse the marketplace and consult with you regularly to recommend our opinion of the best overall strategy, and specific keywords to target. Our service is entirely scalable, with the number of keywords and type of campaign (local, regional or national) chosen by you. The PageTraffic360 SEO is an ongoing service with the aim of moving your website up the Google rankings, and keeping it up there over an extended period of time. This service will not generate business overnight, but it is an incredibly profitable long term marketing initiative.

Paid - Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

While organic traffic is a more profitable option in the long term, and often a great solution in tandem with a Search Engine Marketing campaign, it may take months for you to start seeing traffic and conversions. If your business needs traffic now, then a PageTraffic360 managed Adwords campaign is the right choice for you. The PageTraffic360 Search Marketing team is experienced in keyword selection, split testing ad copy and landing page optimisation. We are ready to start delivering visitors and conversions to your website within days, not months. If you want to start seeing new visitors to your website and don't want the risk managing the campaign on your own, speak with a PageTraffic360 SEM consultant today.


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